Terms & Conditions

Making an order

The customer is notified by email within seconds after sending the order. After processing the order by the supplier the customer will be asked for payment. Each order has its own specific numer. This number has to be written to variable symbol field during payment. The supplier can not guarantee the immediate availability of all items. In case of actual current availability is different from thos listed in the product list, supplier will inform customer immediately.

Payment for goods

Goods can be paid via:

  • money ordres
  • cheque sent to our address
  • credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

The payment order must contain the following information:

Recipient bank account:


Recipient address:

Mgr.Michael Kaňok

Janského 2233,

155 00, Praha 5

Czech Republic

Purpose of payment


The payment system PayPal

PayPal is a convenient and secure way to pay online. It is the most widely used payment system, enabling to carry out payment transactions both nationally and internationally. After you set up a PayPal account to send him money from your credit card. Then send the money in the PayPal interface to our e-mail address. This will allow you to pay for goods card, but a number do not have to provide merchant. This payment via PayPal secure than conventional payment cards on the Internet.

Instructions for founding PayPal account Here 

Delivery time

Goods will be forwarded for shipping within 5 days after the payment is credited to the account. In exceptional cases, we reserve the right to longer delivery time. This fact will be disclosed to the client, if not agree with the delivery time the client may cancel the order.

Transportation of goods

Packaging, insurance and shipping goods abroad is provided by company SPEDIA, Ltd., headquartered Kamenická 1, Prague 7, Czech Republic. The time required for shipment delivery in Europe is 2-8 weeks abroad, the time depends on the chosen mode of transportation and destination. Goods are insured against all risks. Instructions in case of damage are included with each shipment.


The price of selected marionettes automatically calculates the price for packaging, insurance and shipping. It depends on the weight of the goods and the country in which the goods will be delivered.